CWA Signing Avatars : Legacy Release : Version vhg2021b

Please see the Conditions of Use applying to the CWASA software.

For information on this and previous releases of CWASA, please see the Release Notes and Platform Issues.

Some examples use a wider range of characters than the standard avatars Anna, Marc, Francoise, Luna and Siggi. The additional avatars are made available for evaluation only. Please contact to discuss commercial support and use of additional avatars.

HTML5 Web Pages using WebGL

These pages should function on all major browsers on Windows, Linux, and OS X. They should also function on iOS devices and modern tablets and smart phones. See below for a version transpiled for legacy browsers such as Internet Explorer.
Feedback is welcomed via, including on experience with other platforms.

Pages using JavaScript in the browser to process SiGML data:

Pages using JavaScript in the browser to process SiGML data for Legacy browsers such as Internet Explorer:

Versions of other example web pages can be created by changing the script file loaded for CWASA.

HTML5 Test Pages using JavaScript and WebGL

Test Pages using JavaScript in the browser to process SiGML data:

Test Pages using a server side CGI script to process SiGML data: Test Pages using a legacy Java Applet to process SiGML data: Using Java Applets is deprecated and will only work with outdated browsers and Java installations. See the JASigning Platform Issues notes.

Applications using Node.js and Electron

An application for animating SiGML data is available based on the WebGL implementation via Node.js and Electron. Installers are available for OS X, Windows, and Linux. See the JASigning Platform Issues notes, especially for the Linux distribution.

This is a prototype implementation providing the features of the HTML5 WebGL implementation. It does not currently have all the functionality of the Java Web Start SiGML Player application.

Apps using the standard set of avatars: The Java Web Start SiGML Service Client can be used to send SiGML data to the application.

Web GUI for Electron apps

Demonstration of the user interfaces used in Electron apps.

HTML web pages using legacy JASigning Java Applets

Using Java applets is deprecated and support ceased at the end of 2016. For comments on supported browsers see the JASigning Platform Issues notes.

Applications using Java Web Start

JASigning applications are launched via JNLP files. Users of JASigning on OS X should see the comments on Java Web Start in the JASigning Platform Issues notes.

Java Web Start App for sending SiGML data to SiGML Player: Java Web Start Apps using a full range of avatars:

JASigning Developer Documentation

There is some rudimentary JASigning developer's documentation.

Development of the JASigning and CWASA software was supported by the EU Framework 7 project Dicta-Sign FP7-ICT-3-231135.

Available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License. JRWG 2021-01-19