JASigning 0.9.5k

Please see the conditions of use applying to the JASigning software, at the bottom of this page.

For changes from the previous version, please see the change log.

Users of JASigning on Windows should see the note on runtime support at the bottom of this page.

JNLP Applications

HTML Applets

JASigning Developer Documentation

There is some rudimentary JASigning developer's documentation.

JASigning - Conditions of Use

The JASigning software accessible via this page is Copyright UEA (2005-2012) and may be downloaded and used for evaluation purposes only.

For enquires about public and commercial use of the software and the virtual characters Anna and Marc, please e-mail us.

Development of the JASigning software was supported by the EU Framework 7 project Dicta-Sign FP7-ICT-3-231135.

Note for Windows Users

As of 2011-05-18, JASigning 0.9.5k applications and applets (apart from the SiGML Service Client) on Windows require the appropriate Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010 Redistributable Package to be installed on the system.

On many Windows systems the required Redistributable package will already have been installed. But if not, each JASigning application and applet will display a message at launch time giving the URLs from which the package can easily be downloaded and installed. (These URLs can be copied from the Java console and pasted into a web browser.)

There is a 32-bit and a 64-bit version of the Redistributable package. One or both of these should be installed, to match the system's JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installation(s).

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