SignQUOTE: A Remote Testing Facility for Eliciting Signed Qualitative Feedback

Jerry Schnepp, Rosalee Wolfe, Brent Shiver, John McDonald and Jorge Toro


Sign synthesis is still an evolving technology and the process of improving it requires the elicitation of qualitative feedback from users. Current options for acquiring qualitative feedback are limited. Face-to-face tests conducted in sign language are expensive. On the other hand, remote tests do not use the preferred language of the test participants. A new tool, SignQUOTE, (Signed Qualitative Usability Online Testing Environment) is a configurable, cross-platform remote testing system based entirely on sign language. It includes an innovative method for capturing qualitative feedback in sign language via webcam. In a comparison study, participants viewed animations of American Sign Language and gave suggestions for improvement. Suggestions elicited by SignQUOTE were comparable to those elicited in a face-to-face setting. SignQUOTE comes with a TestDesigner that allows researchers to customize tests. The software is available as open source.


Main Topic:  USABILITY


Realism and acceptability of signing avatars
Evaluation methodologies for signing translation systems


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